About us

Trescalas Difusión S.L. is a newly created company formed by people with more tan 35 years of experience in the wood sector, carrying out all kinds of projects, which leads us to constantly search for new productos.

In our field of work we can offer wooden flooring installations both indoors and outdoors, railings, walkways, bridges, fences, semi-shades and natural coatings for thematization of spaces.

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Pergolas and wooden structures

Laminated beams in Iroco, Roble, Fresno. Old chestnut, elm and oak wood. Eucalyptus logs

Our Products

We are decicated to the supply and execution of pergolas with special Woods and tropical coverts. We also supply fans, natural insulation and air conditioning, exclusive wood furniture, vertical gardens and preserved or UV resistant plants.

Vertical gardens

Natural air conditioning

Exclusive Furniture

Tropical covers

Pergolas and wooden structures

Reclaimed wood

Special jobs

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